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  • Q Which grades does the school cater for?

    A We are accepting students entering primary school Grades 1–4 for the 2021 academic year. We plan to accept those entering Grades 1–5 for AY2022, and entering Grades 1–6 for AY2023.

  • Q What is the student capacity for each grade?

    A Each grade takes up to 24 children.

  • Q What is your maximum class size?

    A The maximum of 16 children.

  • Q Do you accept transfer students?

    A We accept entries from any eligible grade, so long as they have not reached their maximum capacity.

  • Q What level of English proficiency does my child need to have?

    A English language skills are not required at the time of entry.

  • Q Do parents need to be fluent in Japanese?

    A All written notifications that the school sends to parents are composed in both Japanese and English, so there is no need for parents to be fluent in Japanese if they speak English.

  • Q What fees are charged in addition to tuition and room & board?

    A Additional fees include children’s pocket money, weekend trip expenses (such as food and drinks), private lessons, uniform costs and recreational trip expenses. These will be deducted from the deposit.

  • Q What educational opportunities are available after graduation?

    A Our primary aim is to prepare children for overseas senior boarding schools. However, as we are an ‘Article 1 school’ accredited by The Japanese Ministry of Education, children can also choose to proceed to junior high schools within Japan.

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