• Privacy Policy

JINIS respects the privacy of every individual and takes very seriously the handling personal and sensitive data. We will follow the related laws and manage any personal information received as follows.

1. Definition of personal information

As a school, we define personal information as something that can be used to identify a certain individual or could be used in conjunction with other information to identify a certain individual.
JINIS may collect such personal information from the following persons:
Students currently enrolled at the school or those enrolled previously.
Staff and other associated workers currently employed at the school or those previously employed.
Students applying for admission to the school or those who have applied previously.
People who have made general inquiries to the school or request information about the school.
Contributors or donors to the school.
Parents, guardians, family members, relatives, guarantors, and others associated with those listed in 1.through 5.above.

2. Collection and usage of personal information

JINIS will only use personal information for educational, operational and research purposes. Personal information will be acquired on a voluntary basis however certain evidence of information is be required in order to enter the school and fully access its educational provision.
We will only use personal data collected for, and related to, the following purposes:
・To provide various services relating to the education and well-being of students such as communication and medical information and provision. This may include the sharing of information with third parties for related purposes such as school trips, insurances, etc.
・To ensure financial transactions can be made
・To register the pupils for online platforms and assessment tests used to support the activities of the school.
・To provide parents with school reports and guidance materials.
・To carry out questionnaires, and to gather and analyze various statistical data for marketing and school improvement.

3. Disclosure of personal information to a third party

Personal information will be disclosed to a third party only under the following conditions.
・Under the requirements of any law or compliance with governmental organizations or parties empowered under these.
・In the case of emergency where required to protect a person’s life, body, or property.
・To improve the protection of children through Health and Safety and the Safeguarding of pupils.
・Through the need to entrust the school’s business to a third party in order to achieve the above-listed purposes.
The school will not use personal information for any other purpose, without the prior informing or consent from those whose information would be used.
Should any change or revision be made to the above usage guidelines JINIS will contact parents individually or share the amendments that are made.

4. Management of personal information

JINIS respects the importance of using personal information and will educate and train staff who are required to handle personal information. The school will also put in place systems to best ensure there is no unlawful access, loss or leakage of such information. Should an issue arise with misuse of personal information, the school will take the appropriate steps to resolve any such issue based on Personal Information Protection Law.
Should the school entrust personal information to a third party, it will only do so under a strict confidentiality agreement that would include an agreement on personal information.

5. Amendments to Confidential Information

If a person wishes to correct. delete or view his/her personal information, that person should apply to the school’s Office Manager.
Complaints regarding the management of personal information should also be made to the Office Manager who will raise the concern with the Headmaster. All such concerns will be dealt with promptly. The Office Manager can be contacted directly through ono@jinsekikogen.co.jp

6. Revisions to these regulations

TShould the above regulations be revised or required to change (by law). Any updates will be shared with the necessary parties and updates reflected within this policy on the website. The contact for inquiries regarding personal information handled by JG is below:
Person in charge of personal information management MINAKO SUEMATSU (TEL +81-84-785-3003)

CONTACT Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information about our school.